About Timecube

What is Timecube?

Timecube is a cloud platform specialized for professional service, it integrates 30-year experience of Timecube development team is biometric verification and HR management professions. Adapting the industry’s first Time & Attendance + Cloud HR” mode, it provides SMEs’ informatized management high-quality, convenient and cost-saving management methods. Timecube is not solely an attendance device, it combines Timecube’s Internet smart attendance terminal and Timecube’s HR management system to perfectly generate an enterprise management cloud platform. With Timecube, users are able to solve various problems of enterprises’ attendance, personnel management and collaborative office, and quickly achieve informatized management.

Is Timecube able to monitor locations of employees?

Due to the concerns that monitoring of employees’ locations violates employees’ benefits and privacy, it is not recommended to do so. Regarding the attendance of field and outward duties, Timecube mobile app. offer location reporting and capture verification methods, which are beneficial to management staffs to obtain employees’ behavior and prevent fake attendance

What are the differences between Timecube Web and Apps?

Timecube is a cloud platform for mobile devices, tablets, and computers, its data are commonly shared. App. is more convenient and faster, thus is suitable for both employees and management staffs. Collaborative office function has been further improved, setting is editable in the web end, and different analysis reports are reviewable in Timecube.

Are the data well secured?
  • Encryption Mechanism: Timecube adapts 3-level encryption solution to protect confidential data throughout their entire lifespan. There are different encryption mechanisms for different users. For internal, cloud and static data in the mobile device, dynamic data or data in use, Timecube provides consistent protection with highest efficiency and flexibility.
  • Communication Safety: Based on SSL/TLS Protocols that can provide data security and protection to two inter-connected applications, Timecube has constructed a complete and private safety communication solution by encrypting information of users in network communication, to ensure the end-to-end network communication is guaranteed.
  • Management Safety: Users’ important data is saved with encryptions according to data classification. All serial keys are centrally managed by the key management center. The data center is equipped with strict security system, only engineers of system maintenance and authorized staffs are permitted for access. Other functions include data access control, audition of safety engineer, user authority permission backtracking, operation record and data access evaluation.
What are the features of Timecube?
  1. Easy operation for time, cost saving and the expense of the maintenance of IT professionals.
  2. There are web end and app. for the mutual use of mobile, tablet and computer, once linked to the Internet, office is everywhere.
  3. High efficiency and fully functioned.

System Management

Could I delete and re-register with another unit and mailbox, after registering Timecube account in terminal devices?

You may delete the attendance device serial key in System Management > Attendance device management.

Why am I reminded that “the user has been bound with another account” when adding users?

A personal account must be bound with only one mail address the User Management, if the account has already add, the new number would not be able to be added with the account. Generally the problem occurs because the original user name is not deleted and re-added after the mail address is changed.

Why am I reminded that “failed to add. User already exists” and not able to import to the system?

A single mail address is only allowed to be used once. If it is added to an enterprise, it is not able to add it to another enterprise. Solution: Please login the mail in Timecube (choose Forgot password if you need to get password), go to 我的选择, delete the user and re-add to the new system.

Why am I not able to add employees and reminded that “Use already exists”?
  1. The mail address already exists in the user management and result in conflict.
  2. The user has been added in another account and does not allow adding more accounts to the employee.

Solution: User may login in mobile app. and choose Forgot password. After obtaining the new password, delete the user in 我的信息 and re-add.

Why is my account locked and failed to login?

You may have inserted wrong password continuously and forbidden to login in a certain period. Solution: Choose Forgot password to receive verification and reset password. Or you may contact system manager in System Management to edit the staff and unlock.

Why am I not able to review employees’ message after logging in to the personnel officer account for personnel management?

You must edit setting in System Management > User Management > Edit User Data Authority.

How do I back up personnel data in the account?

You may back up via the report function and export excel reports. Each module has its specific reports that are printable and exported in Excel, PDF, Word or image format.

How do I edit user name?

You may edit mail addresses of employees in 组织人事, and delete users in System Management, and re-add users. The new users thus will be shown with it account name default set as its mail address.

Is it able to copy personnel information and fingerprint data of an account to another account?

The mail address of an employee is its Timecube account. In System > User Management you may edit user setting and edit password. You may edit the user position in User Position.

How do I set account password in the web end?

The mail address of an employee is its Timecube account. In System > User Management you may edit user setting and edit password. You may edit the user position in User Position.

Does Timecube support LAN (Local Area Network)?

Not. Timecube uses public cloud.

How do I back personnel data in account?

Timecube system daily and regularly performs data back-up of the entire system. Users may export Excel reports with the provided reports by the Timecube system.

Which functions will be reset in Default Setting?

The below functions will be irreversibly reset:

  1. All user data apart from the existing account.
  2. All employees’ data
  3. All registrations of configuration process will be re-started.
How do I upload personnel data in the system to attendance devices?

Timecube’s all management interfaces for communication with attendance devices are in System Management > Attendance Device. The adding, deleting, and issuing of biometric modules are processed in the Area Management, no personnel data management will be handled in the attendance device.