Company: China International trading company
Industry: Finance
Business: Investment and Wealth Management

Company Overview

China International trading company (Zhengzhou Branch) owns sub-divisions and strives to build a professionalized trade platform of “Internet + Trading + Finance”, with good reputation and optimal consultation service, the enterprise is earning a well-recognized supports and reliance of investors.


  • Different working hours, multiple shifts and various requirements of shift scheduling.
  • Attendance data analysis and calculation were performed by Excel with low efficiency and high rate of mistakes, the generation of various reports also consumed time and manpower.
  • Difficulties of management of branches’ attendance and personnel management due to the limitations of time and space etc.


Timecube time management function offers flexible shift scheduling and grouping setting and automatic shift matching etc. The system supports multiple shifts and multiple timeslots to fit the enterprise’s actual needs.

Timecube one-click attendance analysis and smart calculation of attendance results save enormous time and manpower for manual works and guarantees high preciseness. For reports, Timecube cloud platform offer various forms of reports with just one-click for report generation and supports importing and exporting reports for saving.

The enterprise has deployed a Timecube attendance device to each sub-division, all data are stored in Timecube cloud platform system, and affiliated units are set according to 5 policies (Shift, Group, Holiday schedule, Area and User). Personnel officers and attendance officers are appointed by personnel manager and distribute them to relative units, and grant them authorities of data editing, the officers are only allowed to manage their units’ personnel affairs and attendance. They are centrally managed by personnel manager to enhance the work efficiency and the consistency of data.

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