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Company History


ZKTeco released a software named ZKBioSecurity3.0 which is the ultimate “All in One” web based security platform. It contains four integrated modules: access control, video linkage, elevator control and visitor management.

The construction projects of ZKTeco New Building and Showroom are completed successfully.


ZKTeco released a new generation time attendance management software, ZKTime.net 3.0

ZKTeco announces opening of New Independent Security Division ZKAccess in US


ZKTeco launched the first-in-the-world face identification door lock and established Xiamen Software Centre.

ZKTeco established subsidiary branches in Hong Kong, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Malaysia.


ZKTeco established manufacturing centre for various products of entrance security and parking management.

ZKTeco established subsidiary branches in India and Philippines.


ZKTeco launched the first multi-biometric algorithm integrated with fingerprint, face, iris and vein recognitions, ZK Multinio 3.0; ZKTeco has established an independent professional RFID manufacturing centre.

ZKTeco established subsidiary branches in vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina and Russia.

ZKTeco launched the entire series of IP Camera, symbolizing its entrance to the video surveillance industry. ZK also launched 5.2 access control software.


ZKTeco launched the first-in-the-world embedded face recognition camera BioCam100 and established subsidiary branches in Dubai, Thailand and Mexico.

The first-in-the-world fingerprint access control panel, inBio, was released to market.


ZKTeco launched the first iris identification algorithm Kiris 1.0, and the first finger vein identification algorithm Kvein 2.0, and has established Europe subsidiary branch.

ZKTeco launched RFID access control panel C3 series and the first-in-the-world multi-biometric identification product Multibio700.


ZKTeco established subsidiary branches in U.S. and South Africa.

ZKTeco finished the construction of a 50,000 sq. metres ZK Industrial Garden with ISO9001 certification, and launched multi-biometric identification product series iFace series, and the first face identification algorithm ZKFace 2.0.


ZKTeco launched the first fingerprint door lock, and B/S and C/S time and attendance management software.


ZKTeco launched TFT time and attendance management products, the iClock series, which led fingerprint identification industry to a TFT era. Meanwhile, the advancement of fingerprint products with the high-performance WiFi and GPRS wireless communication technology, has started the new generation of wireless security control and timemanagement.


ZKTeco migrated its factories to ZK Building in Shenzhen (Ban Tian), and has entered into a new stage of high-speed industrialization.


ZKTeco established overseas departments for market expansion, and initiated the research and development on fingerprint door lock.


ZKTeco released a series of fingerprint products and modules, including X628, F4 (the first fingerprint access control machine), etc. ZKTeco has become an international OEM provider for correlative fingerprint products.


Having established the complete production chain from research and development to assembly, ZKTeco released the first business embedded fingerprint time attendance device A1 in the world.


ZKTeco applied an eight-million Shanghai Citizen Card Fingerprint Project, and released ZK Finger 3.0 SDK.



ZKTeco, together with Identix in U.S., announced the civilianization of the biometric identification technology, and released the access control device V20 and computer security device Biologon.



ZKTeco launched ZK fingerprint algorithm, and released the business application integration package, the ZKFinger 2.0 SDK.


ZKTeco was founded and initiated development on fingerprint algorithm.