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Company: Lettermon Technolgy Limited
Industry: Internet Technology
Business: Internet Technology

Company Overview

Lettermon Technolgy Limited, founded in 1999, is one of the pioneering companies to sell OA products in Inner Mongolia region, and now has been developed as a specialist of office integration with OA/OP/IT product sales and technical services, constructed office platforms and security management platforms, and professional product experience stores. It has been ZKTeco’s (Global Biometric Verification and RFID product and solution provider) core distributor and cooperation partner in Inner Mongolia. Lettermon Technolgy Limited strictly complies with the principle of mutual-winning in its business operation, which refers to the establishment of good relationships with major manufacturers, dealers and clients, and actively advocates the new concept of high-quality business.


  • The challenges of the client’s attendance mainly concentrated on the management of field worker including delivery staffs and technicians etc., they were required to process with printed materials, attendance management staffs must ensure the authenticity of staffs’ field works before handing in to supervisors for approval which had lowered the efficiency of the procedure.
  • The lagging time of field workers’ attendance data hindered the checking and analysis by attendance management staffs which brought heavy workload to them and higher rates of mistakes. Every month the attendance management staffs were required to download attendance data from attendance devices to USB devices and import them to PCs, and process them into attendance analysis reports and make remarks of abnormal attendance including late attendance, early leaves and leaves etc. Save & Exit the reports were delivered to financial department for the reference of salary calculation.


  • In this case, Timecube app. field work attendance functions is enabled to all field worker. Staffs who need to perform field works may use the app. to apply for field work permission. After approvals, staffs may take distance attendance with the app. Timecube also offers location reporting function and photo capture verification, for the convenience of management staffs to review field workers’ status and prevent fake attendance.
  • Timecube attendance devices’ data are real-time transferred to PC and mobile devices. With the results of mobile applications and approvals, attendance management staffs may make good arrangement of attendance analysis and instant measures for abnormal attendance. Timecube system support one-click analysis and automatically generates detailed attendance reports with not manual review or checking needed to save time and labour and enhance work efficiency and more precise analysis of data.
  • Timecube mobile app. has been very useful to the staffs’ collaborative office. Applications are viewable with mobile devices. Timecube web end covers a full range of HR management functions.

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