Company: Holy Plastic Company
Industry: Manufacturing
Business: Raw Material Manufacturing

Company Overview

Holy Plastic Company (with branch factory) owns an area of 60 hectares with a factory site of 22,000m2. Its major business is manufacturing plastic products including clothes hangers and cosmetics utensils etc. The enterprise has established a scientific, systematic and well-organized quality certification system, with scientific management methods and advanced technologies it provides high-quality products consistent innovations.


Holy Plastic Company at present has approximately 400 employees with more than 20 middle-level management staffs in administration, sales, planning, merchandizing and engineering etc. departments, and manufacturing and packaging departments, and security department for the safety of the enterprise site.

For the attendance, the working hours of staffs range from 8 to 12 hours. There are needs for working shifts for manufacturing, molding and security departments. In peak seasons with tight shipping and delivery time, the enterprise especially the packaging department need extra overtime shifts but must comply with the working hour regulations of ICTI.

Meanwhile, because of the difference natures and holiday forms of the departments’ duties, they have different overtime working policies which bring higher difficult of management.

With increasing costs of raw materials and labor, apart from automated productions to enhance competitiveness, an effective and efficient enterprise management has been one of the criteria for the success of development.


With a series of deep analysis of Holy Plastic Company ’s needs and management status, Timecube has optimized its management with grouping and classification.

First, Using Timecube’s tools including shift group, holiday schedule and shift management, it divides Holy Plastic Company ’s departments in to groups for management, matching different working durations and holiday cycles. Timecube system is able to quickly match and distribute shifts for all employees by collecting attendance records in the attendance devices.

Second, for the calculation of overtime duties, overtime working is general in peak seasons. It would be easy and simple to calculate overtime working status of different employees’ working natures by flexibly using Timecube system’s “fixed overtime shift” and “delayed overtime shift” for salary calculations and working hour management in compliance with labour law.

Holy Plastic Company in the next stage is promoting Timecube app. for the employees’ needs and convenience and the slimming of HR staffs’ workload. Timecube enables staffs to review their personal information, attendance, working hours and holidays etc. and apply for leaves and outward duties with just a mobile phone.

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