BioPoint 30TC

Wireless time attendance terminal (With Access Control Functions)

BioPoint 30TC is a 2.8 inches color screen biometric terminal for Time & Attendance, and Access Control (primary) applications. It adopts BioID fingerprint collector for excellent recognition and internal WiFi for convenient communication. Users can manage data via TCP/IP, WiFi, and USB host port for data up/download to avoid the risk of accidental deletion.


Fingerprints Recognition

BioPoint 30TC is a terminal with fingerprint time attendance and access control function. It continues the high identification of fingerprints function, also has up to 30,000 ID cards records. With the outstanding technology from ZKTeco, the terminal has high identification rate towards dry, wet and rough fingers, also provides the utmost security by its finger detection capability.

High Verification Speed.

User verification is performed in less than 1 second, which streamlines the process of access.

Supports WiFi

Wi-Fi module is very convenient for users to set up one or more than one terminal without any additional network cable. It contains a long battery life that users no need to worry about the blackout. Besides, users can collect the latest attendance records anytime and anywhere. The Wi-Fi will keep uploading the data onto Timecube cloud, which allows users to download data from Timecube cloud as well.

Clouded based & plug and play

TIMECUBE is a good fit for various businesses because it is cloud-based and plug-and-play ready, which is the cheapest way for management to record when employees come and go.

Technical Specifications

Display 2.8-inch TFT Color Display
User Capacity 3,000
Fingerprint Capacity 3,000
ID Card Capacity 3,000
Record Capacity 50,000
Communication TCP/IP, USB-Host, Wi-Fi
Standard Functions Automatic Status Switch, Self-Service Query, Work Code, T9 Input, 9 Digit User
ID, DST, Scheduled-bell,SMS,RS232 Printer
AC module 1:Exit Button, Door Lock, Alarm,12V OUT,AUX IN
Optional Function ID Card, MIFARE Card
AC module 2: Exit Button, Door Lock, Alarm,12V OUT, AUX IN, Door Sensor, RS485,
Wiegand IN/OUT.
POE, 3G, Battery Module, ADMS
Power Supply 12V 1.5A
Verification Speed ≤1 sec
Operating Temperature 0 – 45 °C
Operating Humidity 20% – 80%
Dimensions 186 x 138 x 43.6 mm (L x W x T)