Property Management

Company: Host Property Management
Industry: Property Management
Business: Real Estate Property Management

Company Overview

Host Property Management has been entrusted to perform comprehensive property management of the project, which involves high-end residential flats, deluxe apartments, hotels, office buildings, single commercial buildings, and kindergartens etc. Its area of management covers approximately 180,000 m2, with 400,000 m2 of construction area. Since its foundation, with its pragmatic business style, Host Property Management has been gaining constantly increasing recognition from the market and its industry.


Host Property Management at present owns approximately 100 employees of management, finance, administration, customer service, engineering, environmental protection, sanitary, and security etc. The major challenges Host Property Management was facing include:

In attendance management, due to the different working hours of different positions and natures, the attendance management staffs encountered difficulties in shifts scheduling and attendance data collecting and calculation. Unlike other service industries, property management requires staffs on duty every single day, especially for security department. Due to the large and widely distributed area of management, Host Property Management allowed staffs on shift to take attendance on attendance registration forms, those forms were then collected in the following month and the data were calculated. Those data involved the salary distribution of staffs and brought massive workload to the attendance staffs.

Apart from that, due to the difference of employees’ education and knowledge levels, it would be hard to promote a complex software in the enterprise, and the informatization level is also low.

With the rapid growth of the enterprise’s business and the scale of employees, the enterprise’s HR staffs needs more time for training and management in order to follow the steps of the development of the enterprise. Thus Host Property Management needs an Hr software that can help enhancing work efficiency and management efficiency, and is easy to promote for a better operation of the enterprise’s business.


Host Property Management has been using ZKTeco’s attendance devices, thus this solution is an upgrade of the existing attendance management functions and the development of use of HR management with Timecube.

Timecube has been deployed to achieve the optimization of attendance management functions: Host Property Management’s employees are categorized into junior service staffs and operation staffs, they have completely different work natures, working hours and holiday forms. Using Timecube’s smart shift scheduling function, by dividing staffs into shift groups, matching different shifts and holiday schedules, all employees are matched to suitable shifts according to their attendance records which has saved enormous time of HR for shift scheduling.

Timecube system also is able to bond multiple Internet attendance terminals. Deploying attendance terminals in various access checkpoints and offices, staffs may take attendance everywhere with Timecube attendance terminals without manual registration forms to prevent fake attendance, errors and loss of data.

Staffs on work travel may take attendance with Timecube app. field work attendance function to report locations for the convenience of management.

With Timecube’s one-click attendance analysis function, the time and manpower consumptions of calculating attendance has been saved and the workload of HR staffs has been decreased. Timecube smart report function is able to generate and export reports according to your needs, to provide a useful reference for decision making of management.

For internal promotion, Timecube has also provided a solution, we recommended all Host Property Management’s staffs to install the Timecube mobile app. which supports mobile applications and approvals. Through the app., staffs are able to real-time apply for leaves and field works, review personal information.

The app. is easily to operate and simple to handle. With only a single mobile phone, all staffs are able to use the system. It is convenient for sanitary and security staffs to use without needing to add extra computer devices that makes it easy for internal promotion.

Like Host Property Management, Timecube is always striving to be a reliable and strong partner of our clients and to provide best quality service.

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