Company:  Beauty Consultant Limited
Industry:   Chain-store Retail
Business:   Chain-store Beauty Care

Company Overview

Beauty Consultant Limited, founded in 1999, is an integrated enterprise of Chinese medical beauty care, product development, product promotion, beauty care service, chain-store brand operation and consultation management. Beauty Consultant Limited strives for the innovative integration of Chinese medicine tradition and modern medical technology, and has been advocating for healthy beauty care, and has gained significant achievement in handling skin problems. At present Beauty Consultant Limited has 12 direct chain stores in Shenzhen, its products have been widely distributed in the entire national market including Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Tibet, it also owns operation centers and franchise stores. At present, Beauty Consultant Limited has 17 branch stores distributed in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Weizhou etc., with approximately 160 staffs of different positional levels including beauticians, management staffs, trainers etc.


First, Beauty Consultant Limited was using conventional paper card punching attendance devices, which is easy to cause losses of attendance cards of retail staffs which mean losses of attendance records. Re-application of attendance would hard without proof, these would cause disadvantages to personnel management. Second, shifts of service industry require high flexibility, multiple shifts and timeslots, overtime shifts are divided into before-shift and after-shift overtime shifts, and it also involves holiday shifts due to higher client flows in holidays. Third, there are generally more abnormal attendances in beauty care and cosmetics industry. Beauticians are often required to have field work for events or in branch shops; management representatives need to regularly have shop visits; below-the-line activities and promotions are often organized too. These may affect the attendance records. At the end of each month, HR staffs need to manually collect attendance records of each branch shop and perform calculations. The massive size of data consumes high time and manpower for calculations, which would not do any favor to the enhancement of work efficiency. With the development and growth of an enterprise’s scale, HR’s duties are no longer limited to administration works including performing recruitment, filing documents etc. especially to an enterprise like Beauty Consultant Limited. However, considering the limitations of capital, resources and talents, it would be pragmatic and economic if they are offered a management software that would assist them to enhance professionality and maturity of management.


The 6 key features of Timecube easily handle the problems of management Beauty Consultant Limited was facing:

  • Timecube U400 utilizes fingerprint verification method to replace the conventional paper card attendance method, which saves resources and offers simple and easy operation. Beauty Consultant Limited employees are able to take fingerprint attendance at all branch shops with no more paper card needed and no more worries of forgetting to bring cards.
  • Flexible use of Timecube’s shift schedule, automatic shift matching, holiday schedule, and class groups etc. tools can help users easily deal with multiple holiday policies and the demand of multiple shifts.
  • For abnormal attendance, Timecube provides field work attendance function for employees’ convenience of field work applications via mobile app. and perform distance attendance taking. Employees’ work formats are no longer limited by time and space, the management of field work and work travel are no longer a difficulty. Timecube’s area management can perfectly achieve inter-area personnel management, and effectively diminish the problems of manangement brought by the limitations of time and space.
  • Timecube attendance devices are able to real-time deliver data to cloud server, HR staffs could obtain all staffs’ attendance data via app. or web end, and no longer need to manually collect attendance records at every branch shop which significantly saves time and labour costs. Furthermore, Timecube offers One-click analysis functions for employees’ attendance calculation, which supports daily, weekly and monthly based calculations to save time for attendance time checking and enhances HR’s work efficiency and convenience of HR’s duty reporting and handling of work process. HR thus have more time for employees’ welfare and enterprise’s cultural establishment.
  • Timecube’s professional system of management: Timecube is equipped with attendance and vacation reports of different calculation dimensionality, it has smart calculation to save time, supports import-and-save function, and performs smart analysis to replace manual analysis to enhance preciseness and efficiency. Timecube platform centrally manages all employees’ information and contracts for the convenience of the use of personnel information by management staffs.
  • Employees are able to apply leaves, review personal attendance records with Timecube mobile app.

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