Why Timecube


Timecube is an enterprise-level cloud platform, which is specialized to provide professional time & attendance service for enterprises. It is a product of ZKTeco’s years of experience in the biometric verification and time & attendance industries. With the innovative “T&A device + cloud attendance + mobile attendance” mode, it is non-implemented and is easy to use and does not require any external server. Timecube offers a costly, convenient while high-quality informatized management tool for SME.

Core Functions of TIMECUBE

Mobile Attendance

Through Timecube mobile app., users may perform attendance anytime and anywhere, and may review personal attendance information, for the convenience of handling any attendance related matter or abnormality.


Zone Management

With Timecube’s zone attendance management function, management staffs are enabled to sit in the headquarter, and easily but effectively real-time manage all attendance of all branches to save manpower and time.


Field Duties

With the instant positioning function of field duties, and photo-capturing attendance, the preciseness of attendance is ensured, managing staffs’ field duty attendance is no long difficult.


Request & Approval

With the mobile app., users may apply for leaves or field duties instantly in any mobile device, which provides quick and easy approvals without complicated and time-consuming procedures.



ZKTeco owns branch offices in over 20 countries including Spain, Mexico, Dubai, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Vietnam, and South Africa etc. Our Timecube Team provides after-sale product follow-up.The Team is always ready to handle all Timecube-related matters with 24-hour client services and free training.